ABA Autism Therapy

What is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the scientific study of how humans, organizations & animals learn, operate and behave. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of procedures and technology derived from the principles of Experimental Analysis of Behavior (EAB) to individuals & institutions. ABA focuses on prediction, functional relations of learning and motivation; to help with problems of social significance and to better help individuals and organizations be more productive, functional and operate in an overall healthy manner.

With our staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, BCBA’s,  Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, BCaBA’s and Registered Behavior Technicians RBT’s we render ABA Therapy for children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental delays in Pinellas county, FL. We are here to serve families in Pinellas county who have children exhibiting challenging behaviors through the application of Applies Behavior Analysis.  


Our Mission at Integrated Behavioral Health Solutions, Inc., is to help individuals (humans and animals alike) & organizations reach their optimum level of living, performance and functioning through the application of positive-based scientific treatments.


We work with & teach individuals who are in need, whether the child is typical or diagnosed with a developmental delay, or Autism, to achieve their full potential and the highest quality of life possible. Based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis, our individualized assessment based programs provide evidence based behavioral assessments, interventions, procedures, and feedback that treat problem behavior. We help those we serve, develop new skills and ensure that our clients can exercise the maximum possible control over their own lives. At IBHS, we teach individuals to live as independent as possible and train/coach parents and caregiver’s alike,  to live in harmony with and teach those we serve. At IBHS, we believe this is the foundation needed to create a wonderful life not only for our client’s but also for those they surround themselves with.

At Integrated Behavioral Health Solutions, Inc, parent and staff training/coaching is a fundamental aspect of our practice. Cooperation between all is important. This enhances the lives of our children, families and ourselves. We will provide you with the necessary knowledge; training and feedback on how to properly implement behavioral procedures. This will help you; navigate through everyday challenges one is faced with, in teaching and training your loved one, which will foster independence in the development of your child, and will help you and your child live a more integrated, cooperative and functional life.

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